Hospital Universitario del Rio, once again at the forefront of medical care in Ecuador, presents the our Comprehensive IVF center, designed to provide a multidisciplinary treatment to couples with infertility.

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Hormone Lab

Endocrinological diagnosis for  both women and men is of utmost importance. Our hospital has a modern endocrine lab and qualified medical staff to guarantee reliable results


Semen analysis is essential for both; therapeutic and diagnostic process. It should be performed under standardized protocols and techniques. At Hospital universitario del Rio we have the equipment and experience necessary  to conduct a comprehensive analysis of sperm.

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Sperm analysis
To perform a sperm analysis you need to have a minimum of 2 and maximum of 4 days of ejaculatory abstinence. For more information about the optimal conditions for a semen analysis, we offer a personalized guide. Type your query, by clicking here, we will answer you as soon as posible

How to interpret your semen analysis

Diagnostic Imaging

Ultrasound and hysterosonogram
Both transvaginal ultrasound, as hysterosonogram, are essential tools for the diagnosis of reproductive issues. At our IVF center, we have the most advanced equipment and the best trained professionals for a high-quality diagnostic imaging.

It is a MUST HAVE study for the diagnosis of infertile couple because it shows if the fallopian tubes are permeable or not.

Surgical Diagnosis

There are some patients who require a laparoscopy to identify and treat some problems that may cause infertility. At Hospital del Rio, we have the best professional team to perform this procedure.

It is a procedure to assess and treat an abnormal endometrial cavity.


Timed intercourse with Controlled Ovarian Stimulation

This is the simplest assisted reproduction treatment. It is generally indicated in ovulatory dysfunction without further alteration. We stimulate the ovaries and monitor ovulation by ultrasound that aloud us to plan the best time to concieve.

Intrauterine insemination

It is part of the procedures referred to as "low complexity" There are many circumstances where a couple should undergo Intrauterine insemination. However, the couple must meet certain requirements:

• younger than 38 years  
• Have the patent tubes (normal hysterosalpingogram)
• Total antral follicular count > 10 microfollicles (determined by transvaginal ultrasound)

• Normal or moderately impaired Spermogram (Swim up  more than 5 million / ml)

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 For more information about the process of intrauterine insemination you can access the following videos:

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In-vitro Fertilization with Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection

It is a highly complex technique, in which the process of union of egg and sperm takes place in the laboratory. In-vitro fertilization is indicated in the following cases:

• bilateral tubal obstruction.
• a single tube obstruction in women over 37 years.
• Diagnosis of Severe Endometriosis
• Diminished ovarian reserve (very low number of eggs present in the ovaries).
• Failure of previous uterine inseminations (at least 3 times)
• More than 5-7 years of Unexplained infertility


Fertility preservation in cancer patients and other required circumstances

Nowadays, diagnosis and  cancer treatments had undergone significant progress, in which more and more younger patients (of childbearing age) are diagnosed and successfully treated.

Unfortunately both the treatment and the disease can have serious implications for fertility. At Hospital del Rio´s IVF center we offer the opportunity to preserve gamettes and embryos in these patients. In addition there are other circumstances (besides cancer) where it could preserve fertility, such us advanced reproductive age (> 37 years), etc...

• Sperm cryopreservation
• Oocytes cryopreservation
• Embryo cryopreservation

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We have several finance plans for comprehensive fertility treatments and Reproduction.

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If you have prepaid health insurance  ( CONFIAMED, BUPA, BEST DOCTORS, TECNISEGUROS, SALUD, etc).

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Meet the Team

  • Pedro González S. MD

    Especialista en Endocrinología Ginecológica y de la Reproducción. Universidad de Favaloro. 2013

  • Alexandra Córdova V.

    Magíster en Psicoterapia Integrativa, Universidad del Azuay. Psicóloga Clínica, Facultad de Filosofía, Letras y Ciencias de la Educación. Universidad

  • Silvia Guevara C.

    Maestría: Centro de Investigaciones Psiquiátricas, Psicológicas y Sexológicas de Venezuela. Caracas-Venezuela. 2010-2012

  • Ximena Guillén V.

    Diagnóstico, tratamiento, prevención y rehabilitación de problemas clínicos ya sea de manera individual y familiar

  • Fausto Vázquez M.

    Especialidad en Instituto Nacional de Perinatología (México D-.F). Gineco Obstetra Hospital Universitario del Rio Cuenca- Ecuador.

  • Fernando Moreno M.

    Consultorio 137 Celular: 0992415458

  • Marco Barzallo C.

    Consultorio 132 Celular: 0999505296

  • José Asanza H.

    Consultorio 334 Celular: 0994500323

  • Mariana Gaybor G.

    Consultorio 103 Celular: 0999886995

  • Marcelo Cordero L.

    Consultorio 405 Celular: 0999607838

  • Hugo Ortiz V.

    Consultorio 422 Celular: 0998412232